Those Who Sweat Together, Stay Together!

Inspire, motivate and flow with your friends and family. 

This February is all about Sangha, or community, here at yogaRIOT.  Bring your friends and family to a free class and expand your yoga community. You'll feel the support, motivation, and encouragement as we breathe, move and transform together. 


Bring a friend with you every week in February!

-Your friends first class is on us!

- If they opt for our intro package they unlock a special introductory offer, just for friends and family.

- Our exclusive Community Flow Month intro, offers 8 invigorating hot yoga classes for just $40, and a whole month to enjoy them!! 

- Bring a friend and seize the opportunity to win fantastic prizes with every additional guest you introduce 


Fill out this contact form with your friends information before February 29th and we'll get them all set up! This offer is specific to new clients.

Spread the Yoga love, and gain new confidence in your own practice!

Experience the transformative power of community in our special Community Flow Month. This month is dedicated to the theme of Sangha, celebrating the interconnectedness that defines the essence of yoga. 

All month we invite our members to bring a friend or family member for free every week. Dive into the joy of shared practice, where the collective energy enhances the benefits of yoga.

Having a friend by your side not only makes the journey more enjoyable but also provides mutual motivation and encouragement. Embrace the sense of community, strengthen bonds, and amplify the positive vibrations throughout this enriching month of connection.

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Yoga is better together!

Attending a yoga class with a friend provides built-in motivation. Sharing this experience encourages you both to stay committed to your practice, and fosters a supportive environment where we can work through challenges together. 

Yoga is not only about individual well-being but also about connecting with others. Going to a class with a friend deepens the sense of connection, creating a shared space for positive energy, mutual encouragement, and a more joyful practice.


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