Beginners Workshop

The best way to start your yoga journey

Next Session: January 14 - February 4th

 Sundays at 11AM

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Do you want to feel amazing, move easily, sleep like a baby, and get stronger? Come join our Beginner Yoga classes at yogaRIOT in SE Portland, OR!


Why You Need This Series:

 1. 7 Transformative Classes: You get access to 4 classes just for beginners like you, and 3 more classes you can pick yourself!

 2. Save Money on a Yoga Mat: You get 20% off if you buy a new yoga mat!

 3. Free Wellness Consultation: We'll learn about your movement history and goals and help plan on how we can help you reach them!


 What You'll Learn:

 - The Fundamental Poses of Yoga: We'll teach you simple poses that anyone can do.

 - Breathing Tricks: Learn how to breathe in a way that helps you relax.

 - Yoga Manners: We'll discuss yoga etiquette so you're prepared to pop into any class.

 - Chill-Out Skills: Learn how to relax so you can sleep better than ever.

 - Get Strong and Bendy: You'll learn how to make your muscles strong and become more flexible.

 - How to Use The Yoga Tools: We'll show you how to use props such as blocks and straps to enhance your yoga experience.

 - Quiet Your Brain: Learn calm the mind and find your flow.


How Much It Costs: $149

 And guess what? Only 12 yogis can join each class, so you'll get lots of attention from the teacher!

Join today and let us help you make yoga the best part of your day!

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