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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Find your voice, inspire others, and deepen your practice in just 7 weeks.

Spring Session Begins April 29, 2024!


yogaRIOT Teacher Training

1:1 coaching designed to help you succeed
Fully guided online experience
Truly personalized feedback
Practice teaching from week one
Guaranteed results

We've been training teachers since 2015...

Whether you're interested in kick starting a new career or deepening your practice, we're here to guide you along the way. Our fully online training is here to meet you where you're at and make this life changing training accessible to all.

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Find Your Voice

We’ll prepare you to lead a room, cue in your own style, and promote yourself successfully—all essential skills for the modern wellness industry.


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Why yogaRIOT Teacher Training?


The yogaRIOT 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a 7-week online program that gives you the strong foundation you need to teach yoga for years to come.

You will have a personal coach. Your coach is here to help you find your voice. Your coach encourages you and gives you targeted feedback to help you improve.  We keep a 1:10 Coach to Student ratio so you get the attention you need.

You will participate in every activity. 100% hands-on learning. This can’t happen in group in-person yoga teacher training settings. With our online format and your personal coach, you get the attention you deserve.  Everything we ask you to do moves you closer to your goal.

You will record yourself teaching, because watching yourself on video, although nerve wracking at first, is a great way to discover things about your teaching that you want to adjust to make your classes feel like you. Don’t worry, the technology requirements are minimal. If you have a phone with a camera - you’re ready to go!

You will do practical, not theoretical, activities—such as:

  • Learning to teach, cue, and modify a variety of yoga poses
  • Cueing a various sequences
  • Identifying your yoga niche and finding your voice
  • Teaching classes from Day 1
  • Learning how to creatively sequence yoga classes 
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Meet Your Lead Trainers


Nick Harris

Yoga has been the element of life that allows Nick a Registered Yoga Teacher to harness a multitude of robust experiences into a practice based in presence, intention, gratitude and energetic flow. Nick’s classes demonstrate his understanding and appreciation for the needs of both beginners and seasoned yogis. Through his commitment to powerful daily self-development practices, Nick will arrive to class equally humbled and excited to share the yoga experience with you. When not teaching yoga, Nick can be found offering leadership programs, serving in houseless shelters, touring as a professional musician, and engaging special populations with positive messages of self-care and perpetual improvement.

Caroline Plambeck

Caroline is a Registered Yoga Teacher and NASM-Certified Personal Trainer. She discovered yoga as a natural progression of her many years of ballet training. Yoga has been a steady presence in her life and a welcome escape from daily stressors as a key to her flow state. Caroline’s classes are physically challenging and involve creatively sequenced movements that allow students of all ability levels to find their unique space on the mat. She invites others to lose themselves in the moving meditation of each class and find ways to extend this practice into daily life.

    Sophie Frodsham

Sophie has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, incorporating many of the teachings of yoga into her daily life, from pranayama and devotional meditation practices, to working with the chakras and using mantras. She has a particular passion for the philosophy of yoga and is excited to share with you the wide ranging benefits of the
various aspects of yoga.

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Intentionally Structured to Guarantee Results

You demonstrate your new knowledge each week. Predictable assignment due dates keep you accountable and on track. Your trainer provides 1:1 feedback on every assignment. 

Each week you will do the following: 


  1. Prepare
    • You’ll watch short instructional videos that will teach you proper fundamental alignment principles and the benefits of poses and exercises. You’ll learn information that supports understanding of the technical work that will make you a successful teacher.
  2. Train

    • You'll PRACTICE. The practice is the heart of the program. The bulk of your time will be spent here, as you move from simple to complex. You’ll video yourself doing the poses and exercises to show what you’ve learned, and to improve. Your coach will give personalized feedback on all videos.
  3. Teach

    • You’ll PRACTICE teaching and teaching techniques–practice your voice, timing and pacing techniques, sequences, and more. As you film yourself teaching yoga sequences, you’ll recieive individualized feedback from your coach on each of your video submissions.
  4. Create

    • You’ll learn the principles of sequencing to design your unique yoga classes. You'll develop your yoga class script.
  5. Community
    • You’ll come together with your coach and teammates for a real-time Zoom training session. Hard nosed practicing and drilling, getting feedback, giving feedback. You'll make friends!


Other trainings teach from a textbook and focus on the lecture. With our training you’ll have hands-on experience teaching from Day 1.

7 Weeks to Change Your Life

yogaRIOT 200-hour Teacher Training

  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • 3-hour training calls every Sunday
  • Live video conference office hours twice a week
  • Personal coach for the duration of training
  • Bonus FREE in-studio grand finale weekend
  • Flexible payment plans as low as $125/month 

Pay in Full or Pay Over Time

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