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200 Hours to Transformation: Mastering the Art of Picking the Right Yoga Teacher Training

Oct 14, 2023

200 hours might sound like a mere number, but in the realm of yoga, it’s a gateway to profound transformation. With a sea of teacher trainings out there, how do you navigate towards the one meant for you? Let’s chart out the path.


Visionary Voyage

Start by visualizing your post-training scenario. Are you leading a class, deepening personal practice, or exploring yoga’s spiritual facets? At yogaRIOT we offer 1:1 coaching throughout your training to help guide you towards your visi 


Tradition vs. Trend

While contemporary styles are engaging, sometimes traditional schools offer depth. Decide which aligns with your yoga vision.


The Pillars of Learning

An excellent program stands on the pillars of experienced teachers, a robust curriculum, and consistent feedback mechanisms.


Class Size and Dynamics

Smaller batches often offer personalized attention. Explore the student-to-teacher ratio and read testimonials to understand the group dynamics.


Real-time Teaching

Ensure the training provides ample real-time teaching practice. This hands-on experience is invaluable.


Reviews and Recommendations

Word of mouth still reigns supreme. Join yoga forums, read reviews, or ask previous attendees about their experiences.


Continuous Growth

Post-training growth opportunities like advanced courses, workshops, or alumni networks can be pivotal for your teaching journey.


Financial Feasibility

While quality should be a priority, ensure the training doesn’t stretch your finances too thin. Look for scholarships or early-bird offers.


Alignment and Resonance

While facts and research matter, so does how a program feels. Trust the resonance you feel with a particular training or instructor.


The path to becoming a yoga teacher is as much about external training as it is about internal journeying. With this roadmap, may you find a training that's not just an education, but a soulful experience.