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In-Studio Experiences

Chaturanga Breakdown: Elevate Your Vinyasa Practice

Saturday, February 3rd 2PM-3:30PM

Instructor: Nick Harris

A yogi in chaturanga


Join us for a 90-minute session where Nick Harris will break down the mechanics, alignment, and strength-building techniques essential for a strong and effective Chaturanga. Understand the nuances, prevent common mistakes, and discover how mastering this foundational pose enhances your overall power vinyasa practice.

Open to all levels, this workshop is an opportunity to fine-tune your skills and elevate your practice. Members enjoy a special rate of $30, and non-members are welcome for $35. Secure your spot now and embark on a journey to deepen your practice with confidence!

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Beginners Series

Starts: Jan 14th (11AM - 12:15PM) -75min class

Instructor: Eila Gustina

Our Beginner Series features a 7 class pass, including 4 beginner series classes, 3 classes of your choice, 20% off a new mat, and a free Wellness Consultation.

Each of our classes are limited to 12 people!
At yogaRIOT, Beginner Yoga Students Will Learn:

-Fundamental yoga poses
-Different breathing techniques
-Yoga etiquette
-Relaxation techniques for sleep
-How to build strength and flexibility
-How to use yoga props
-How to quiet the mind chatter

Investment: $149
Next session: January 2024
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Are you ready to start your yoga journey and relax like never before?

Then join us at yogaRIOT for the best beginner yoga classes around. Your body will feel more rested and strengthened than ever before, helping you get more out of the rest of your week.
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February Sound Bath

Friday, February 2nd; 7PM-8:30PM

Facilitator: Rabiah Troncelliti @rabiahanais


Drop into a liminal state of subconscious healing. 

This immersive vibrational attunement brings the mind and body into a peaceful and balanced state. You will walk out feeling restored and rejuvenated. The frequencies and rhythms of the various instruments entrain your brain into theta or alpha brain waves, which are consistent with meditation, deep relaxation or light sleep. In this relaxation, the mind and body let go of stress and anxiety, inviting in a natural state of healing. We begin with a brief and easy guided meditation to drop you into your heart.


  • Reduces anxiety and stress, inviting in body's natural ability to heal
  • Deep relaxation
  • Better sleep and increased energy
  • Opens energetic pathways
  • Induces deep meditative states and higher states of consciousness

You will be lying down for about an hour. Please dress comfortably and bring:
  • A thick yoga mat
  • A pillow for your head
  • A pillow or bolster for under your knees (highly recommended for relaxation of lower back)
  • A shawl or blanket: your body's temperature drops in relaxation. Please bring a blanket if you tend to get cold.
  • Something to cover your eyes - bandana, eye pillow, tshirt. 
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Wheel Workshop

Saturday, February 10th; 2PM-3:30PM

Instructor: Samantha Gagnon

Open your heart and unlock the secrets of Wheel Pose with Samantha. This 90 minute immersive workshop is perfect for all levels. Delve into alignment techniques, strengthen your foundation, explore modifications and experience the joy of heart-opening yoga. 
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Arm Balances Workshop

Saturday, February 24th; 2PM-3:30PM

Instructor: Nick Harris

Unleash the power within as Nick leads an all-levels Arm Balances Workshop. From foundational techniques to advanced variations, this session welcomes everyone on the mat. Join us for a dynamic exploration of strength, balance, and mindful control. Nick's expert guidance ensures a supportive environment, making arm balances accessible to every participant. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, let's soar together into the world of arm balances and elevate your yoga practice.

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